Cloud Communications

Businesses often know they need a unified communication solution but don’t understand how cloud fits into their long term business goals. CT Solutions is here to help! We support small to mid-sized businesses with cloud based phone systems and unified communications. As a Mitel Exclusive Business Partner we provide top tier technology with custom solutions to fit your needs. Learn more about our cloud services for your business.


Cloud Based Services

Cloud communications, or cloud hosted services, describes business communication and data storage that is managed by a provider off site. Cloud based services allows businesses, both small and large, to take advantage of scalable and flexible technology.


Connecting with the cloud means lower investment costs, improved reliability and instant scalability.


Types of Managed Cloud Hosting

Private: Private cloud services provides virtualization and unified communications on a dedicated system within your own network, providing an extra layer of security.

Public: Public cloud hosting is entirely managed by your cloud provider on a shared network. This option provides maximum flexibility at a lower cost.

Hybrid: Hybrid cloud hosting is just that - a combination of dedicated hosting with the flexibility of public cloud services.


Benefits of Cloud Communications

The advantages of using a cloud service provider for your business communication needs are endless. The benefits of working with CT Solutions and Mitel technology include:

  • Complete mobility

Access to the office from anywhere on any device. Learn more about mobility.

  • Multi-media communication

Take advantage of high quality video conferencing and collaboration software.

  • Seamless hardware and software upgrades

No more down time from outdated systems and large scale upgrades. Cloud hosting provides complimentary incremental upgrades.


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