Installation and Training

Installation is a crucial part of the proper functionality and maintenance of your office phone system. CT Solutions takes pride in every installation that we do. Much time is spent on the planning of the installation so that it properly reflects the work ethic that we have. If the system is installed in an organized, well thought out manner every time and with the utmost attention to detail, then every technician that follows the installers has no questions as to the layout of each system. CT Solutions installers have developed an installation method that has been successful for many years and hundreds of installations. 

The CT Solutions Installation Method

  1. A customer service representative will meet with new customers to collect information and help with the design of their system.
  2. From the information gathered a database is written and passed on to the lead installation technician.
  3. That technician will then do a site survey of the customer’s office in order to eliminate any surprises on installation day, and to address any environmental concerns.
  4. The system is built and preprogrammed and given a burn-in period to ensure stability.
  5. After the installation a technician is on-site along with the customer service representative who will be training all of the users on how to operate the new telephones and voicemail. A technician remains on-site until the customer is confident with the new system’s configuration and stability.
Complete training of all end users is also included as part of the installation of any new system. This includes instruction on the proper operation of telephone sets and voice mail. Training can be done with pre-installation classes using non-working telephone sets, and then post-installation one on one instruction as needed in the days immediately following the installation.

Post-installation classes are accomplished by walking each user through telephone use and mailbox set-up on the new working system. Each class usually includes about ten to twelve users and will normally take about thirty minutes. CT Solutions is very flexible with training on any new system, and will tailor our style to suit each customer's needs.

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