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How can communication help you start your business

Some experts mention that communication is the key to real success for any startup or new business. Most people think of communication within the team as a way to set expectations and maintain business workflow, but in reality, it is much more than that.

Communication means so much more than the ability to hear each other speak — it can impact everything from productivity, partnerships, growth, and, above all, success.

Working Through Uncertainty

When going through tough and uncertain times like the one we are currently going through, there’s always an opportunity to improve the way our business collaborates.

Thanks to recent technological advances, data and voice communication technologies are changing the way we work. In this current situation, the need to be able to work from anywhere in the world is more urgent than ever, and there are ways to achieve that without compromising our roles, productivity, and the work experience.

Mitel tools and services allow you and your company’s team to continue working from anywhere in the world, transforming your home into a functional office. These capabilities provide our customers and clients the ability to continue operating and conducting business seamlessly while ensuring everyone’s safety and well being.

All Mitel products allow you to establish communication with every key stakeholder relevant to your business. From employees to providers, clients to customers, everyone can still be connected even while remaining socially distanced. In this post, we look into four tools that can enhance your communication capabilities more than ever before.

4 Mitel Communication Tools That Will Help Your Business

  1. Desktop Phone at Home

    Here in Miami, current safety measures are slowly being lifted, although residents are still being asked to reduce the amount of time spent outside of their homes.

    With Mitel’s Teleworker Service through the Mitel Border Gateway, your needs to meet personally are significantly reduced. This product allows employees to work remotely with complete access to all office tools required in their daily workflow, such as conferencing, voice mail, messaging, among other incredible features included.

    This service is basically a plug-and-play solution that turns any Mitel IP Phone into a full teleworking office, bringing your office and desk phone with you anywhere in the world with an internet connection. As the modern workforce continues to evolve and siloes between departments knocked down, tools from companies like Mitel can give your business a needed collaborative spark.

  2. Mitel MiCollab Solution

    With Mitel MiCollab, the need to have different tools to complete one core activity becomes a relic from the past. This solution provides all employees with a unified communication and collaboration platform that allows all interaction to be productive and efficient.

    Mitel’s Freedom Architecture enables PCs, laptops, tablets, and even mobile devices to connect. Mobile workers, employees newly displaced to their homes, C-Suite executives, and managers alike can all continue their daily interactions with little to no hassle at all. During strange times like these, regaining a sense of normalcy can provide a much-needed boost to your workforce.

    Mitel MiCollab Software, meanwhile, communication between your colleagues is made more accessible than ever, allowing connected members to communicate through voice, video, messages, audio or video conferences, and collaboration file sharing, all in one platform.

  3. MiCollab Softphone

    A Mitel MiCollab softphone provides workers the same inherent connection control they would feel in the office from a remote computer with an embedded software-based IP phone. Installed as a client on supported Android™ and/or iOS® devices, key collaboration features are extended to mobile users of all kinds. Even once we regain a sense of normalcy, products that provide your business increased flexibility like MiCollab Softphones can play an integral role in improving efficiency.

    VoIP phones allow companies and businesses to establish a seamless connection within the company, and also to work with clients and customers that reach out through the phone. It includes services such as call forwarding, 24/7 availability, and incredible voice quality.

  4. Mitel Dynamic Extension

    As we mentioned, voice quality and availability are two things most businesses look for when considering how their phone service should be. With Mitel’s Dynamic Extension, up to eight phones can be simultaneously connected from anywhere in the world. This straightforward product turns any phone into a VoIP connection as long as it is connected to the internet and has buttons.

    This tool is handy for small- and medium-sized businesses, as it allows the company to turn any phone into a powerful virtual extension with merely a very minimal investment.

    Dynamic Extension centers your mobile work force’s productivity and reachability. It allows the connection of up to eight devices to a ring group, allowing multiple mobile calls to be received from anywhere. As mentioned, it can also enable you to turn any phone into an extension of your virtual communication platform.

    Communication platform tools from Mitel offer any business, big or small, the opportunity to thrive in their own industry, connecting employees, clients, and customers from all around the world. If you are in Miami or Atlanta and are interested in helping your business’ productivity and success amid these difficult times, contact CT Solutions today.