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Transitioning from Shoretel to Mitel: It's Time to Move Forward.

It's not just part of your future anymore; it's happening now. Mitel, who acquired ShoreTel in September 2017, has officially declared the End-of-Sale (EoS) for its MiVoice Connect platform software, hardware, and associated applications, effective July 6, 2024.

As a Mitel Gold Partner, we are well-versed in all things Mitel and understand that choosing a solution requires thoughtful consideration, not a hasty decision.. Transitioning to a new solution isn't a decision to be made lightly. It's a process that typically takes at least a 6 month lead time, and for more complex setups, it could potentially stretch to a duration of 8 months or even longer. Taking prompt action is crucial as the complexities of running on an End of Sale system start surfacing long before the specified dates, leading to significant repercussions for both your contact center and customer service operations. So it's time to rip the bandaid off – DON'T WAIT TO SWITCH.


So what is End-of-Sale?

The End-of-Sale milestone signifies the closing window for purchasing any Mitel product via their sales channels, indicating a halt in marketing and sales activities for the said product. It's a red-letter day for Mitel MiVoice Connect, set for July 6, 2024, serving as the definitive cutoff for welcoming new clientele into the fold.


What Mitel products are affected?

Products Affected by MiVoice Connect End of Sale: All hardware, software, and development associated with MiVoice Connect will be discontinued, including legacy ShoreTel products and various Mitel offerings such as MiVoice Connect Enterprise and Small Business Edition PBX software, MiVoice Connect Client software, MiVoice Connect ST Voice Switch hardware, Mitel IP400 Phones, and more.



  • July 6, 2024: End of new system sales
  • December 31, 2024: End of add-on sales
  • December 31, 2028: End of hardware repair
  • December 31, 2029: End of technical support


Why start switching now?

Starting this transition sooner rather than later will give you the time needed for a thorough evaluation of potential providers, crafting a compelling business case, finalizing contracts, and seamlessly deploying the new system. The process to evaluate a new system framework and deploy can take much longer than you'd expect.

Starting ASAP ensures you pave the way for a modernized communication system that not only matches, but surpasses the capabilities of Mitel MiVoice. By doing this, you can avoid risks like:

  1. Cybersecurity: Operating on on-premise or server-based systems poses security risks, especially with the discontinuation of support. Without timely patches and updates, these systems become vulnerable to cyberattacks, including ransomware. Mitel's End-of-Sale serves as a stark security warning, emphasizing the urgency of migrating to more secure platforms.

  2. Diminished Customer Support: As resources dwindle post-announcement, customer support quality may decline due to staff reallocation and reliance on third-party subcontractors. Longer wait times and reduced resolution efficiency could impact business operations and customer satisfaction adversely.

  3. Lack of Agility: With MiVoice Connect being phased out, scaling up becomes challenging, if not impossible. This limitation hampers organizational growth and efficiency, highlighting the need for a more flexible and adaptable communications solution.

What Should MiVoice Connect Customers Do? It's clear: the time to transition to a new solution is now. Partnering with third-party providers experienced in system implementation and post-deployment support is crucial for a smooth transition– like our team at CT.

Let's connect and embark on this journey together!

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