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Since 2004, IT directors, CFOs, and their teams have relied on CT Solutions for custom communications solutions across the spectrum of industries.

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How Cloud Storage is Changing Communications

There is no doubt that our ever-evolving technology is leading to increased levels of output and, more importantly, more efficient production. In a market that has been continuously growing like Atlanta, this can be the difference between succeeding or failing as an entrepreneur or business person.

Cloud technology is not exactly new; in fact, it’s been around for over 30 years growing continually. In the past decade, however, things really started to boom, as businesses began to fully grasp the importance of cloud services and the ability to store information securely. Having secure access to company information anywhere in the world, as long as you have internet, is something that no other technology can match. Even more importantly, newer generations are more tech-savvy compared with past decades, plus the technology has become more comfortable to use and more accessible. All of these elements show how important adopting new technologies like cloud communications can genuinely help your business grow.

So what does cloud communications do? Basically, it allows the user to access all their business and personal information and data from their desktop, mobile phone, or tablet—all the access you need at your fingertips, all day every day.

This technology represents an essential and vital tool for all businesses, especially in the rapidly innovating environment in which we live, where new trends emerge daily, and companies consider new ideas like remote work for their employees. Being able to access all their information and databases online through a cloud service safely and securely offers peace of mind. If we as a society have learned anything in recent years, it is that technology has enabled new ways of life and work that were previously unimaginable.

Cloud Communications = Mobility and Flexibility

Mobility gives us the power to decide how and when we do things, an empowering tool for any individual. As far as business goes, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages (there is only one requirement for cloud communications: you need internet). With this technology, your team will enjoy increased mobility, you will be able to hire from anywhere in the world, your business can better interact with customers and within the team, and your bottom line will see overhead costs reduced.

Studies have demonstrated that people who work remotely are more efficient, live happier, take fewer vacation days, and are generally healthier. We have learned in these trying times, that the more robust and more joyful your team is, the more efficient and productive they will be.

Cloud Communications and Small Businesses

Small and medium-sized businesses now have a shot; they can compete with some of the big boys in town. By using cloud communications, they can reduce unneeded costs and streamline that money to produce better results.

Your team will be able to communicate freely at all times using internet calls (VoIP) or video calling so that they can always be connected. This gives them the liberty to arrange their time how they see fit while still producing extraordinary results.

With cloud communications, you do not need an IT department, and your employees can multitask across several devices at the same time to better serve customers. Small and medium businesses will be able to deliver better results while driving down costs, all with outstanding quality.