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How Cloud Telephone Systems Are Beating the Quarantine in Atlanta

As a society, we are all adapting to a “new normal.” None of us are exactly sure what that entails, but one thing is for sure, we are all collectively looking for different ways to stay productive and help out any way we can.

There are different levels to helping our communities; we have the doctors and nurses on the frontline trying to keep us healthy, scientists looking for a vaccine and cure, and also law enforcement officials trying to keep the situation under control. Let’s not forget those who work in the food industry who are making sure we have what we need to survive.

While these professions have been at the center of media attention recently, it does not mean that we have nothing to produce if we do not hold one of the occupations mentioned before. The fact that some people can still work from the comfort of their homes helps out tremendously. For one, those remote jobs can and probably are generating other opportunities for people who need to work to make ends meet. This type of domino effect is what will keep our economy going while we endure these tough times.

Those of us not in the health, food, or law enforcement industries can do our part to help make a difference. This is where using cloud technology comes in handy, as cloud systems allow us to establish a makeshift office in our homes.

Cloud technology provides access to different communications services, all in one system through the internet. These services include but are not limited to data storage, databases, video calls, and VoIP calls, among other services. In simpler terms, cloud technology could convert your laptop, smartphone, or tablet into a mobile work station. As long as the user has a steady internet connection, he or she should enjoy full access to all their information.

The benefits of using cloud communications are limitless, and they do not only apply during these times. Even before the lockdowns, cloud communications was still incredibly effective at providing business increased workforce operation flexibility. Companies that were already using this technology experienced a swift transition to remote work setups. At the same time, those lacking cloud telephone systems may have had to scramble a bit to get everything up and running.

When we think of Atlanta, we think of a booming economy and city. But the truth is that even an economy like Atlanta’s felt severe impacts due to the quarantine, with industries like hospitality and travel being significantly hindered by the pandemic. These hurdles just mean that as a community, the city has to regroup, adapt, and rely on the other sectors to keep the economy going as much as possible.

As of today, we don’t know when things will return to normal, so as a community and as a country, we must do all we can to support each other while maintaining our typical workflow as best we can. This is where remote jobs created using cloud technology come into play.

Local businesses have remained open and productive by migrating to remote access jobs, powered by cloud technology services. Such innovation is how we collectively will beat the effects of the lockdown.

How can you boost your business in these times where you and your competition are all working remotely? Cloud communications services powered by Mitel communications services offer a comprehensive package. By combining Mitel technology and tools such as MiCollab, as a business, you will be getting top-notch service anywhere and anytime. MiCollab is an extension that enhances the use and reach of the cloud services.

After all, this “new normal” will most likely be what the future will look like for businesses. This transition away from traditional office setups means a good portion of companies will continue using cloud services to serve their customers and their employees. Working remotely will be more of the norm than the exception. With this comes benefits and new challenges as well. Here are some of the key benefits of switching to cloud communication services for your remote workforce

  • Remote access to your databases
  • Ability to from home or on the road
  • Stay connected all day, every day
  • Improved voice quality enjoyed on VoIP calls
  • Access to video calls and conferences
  • Reduced costs and overhead
  • All you need is a reliable internet connection, and you have an office on the go

At the end of the day, as a society, we need to learn from this experience by adapting to the situation and adopting the tools that will help us succeed and rebuild as a country. Atlanta is one of the leading cities when it comes to cloud service usage, and this is one of the ways the city will beat the quarantine and establish itself as an economic powerhouse primed to bounce back when this is all over.