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How Conference Calls Can Upscale Your Business With the Mitel 5330e IP Phone

Conference calling helps connect your organization by setting up three or more parties to be able to share and communicate ideas in real-time. This conferencing capacity blows traditional phone lines out of the water, breaking the barriers of limited lines and mobility.

Any organization that wants to stay organized nowadays uses service providers that offer conference calling. It’s practically a necessity to integrate conference calls into an organization if you wish to assess and complete projects correctly.

Businesses that have communication plans on a regional, national, and international scale often find that conference calling is one of the most essential tools to keep their company organized. You’ll be able to quickly contact vendors and clients to keep your business running on a constant workflow.

The Mitel 5330e IP

Now that you have a general outlook about why conference calling will be useful, it’s time to know about the product that will help you achieve all of this.

The Mitel 5330e IP Phone is a full-feature company class telephone that gives its user real-time access to applications such as web browsing, contact lists, call logs, and a wide array of customizable user settings.

It’s a high-standard product that should be implemented into your organization’s business communications lineup.

What kind of businesses can benefit from conference calling?

The correct answer is that every single company, if it has more than one employee, can benefit significantly from conference calls. But let’s look at some specific scenarios where they’re particularly useful; these are the business situations that can benefit from this service, but are not limited to:

  • Large franchises that need to extend their communications to others.
  • Businesses with two or more physical locations.
  • Vendors and clients that need to properly communicate regarding distributed or received services.
  • Web conferences that also use screen sharing to demonstrate documents or presentation material.

The Essential Benefits of Conference Calling

Conference calls are a staple in the global and local business landscape, as they allow discussions outside of the boardroom and break all distance barriers, making it far easier to close vendors and clients.

Businesses achieve productive collective discussions by simulating a traditional conference or boardroom setting, regardless of anyone’s physical location. Valuable information can be distributed to anyone at any time. Businesses need this to grow, so let us check out the other benefits that come from conference calling:

Reduce Operating Costs

If you’re trying to get your business set up with low costs, you’re going to have to save as much money as you can. Conference calls greatly relieve the company wallet because they reduce the costs of travel. You’re now able to discuss projects with business partners across the globe.

So look into investing in a strong conference calling service, as it’s always going to be a lot less than the costs associated with traveling to boardrooms.

Conduct Effective Sales

The most basic element of maintaining a successful business is securing sales. To be successful in your business, you need to keep your clients happy and continually wanting them to hear from you.

Excellent communication through a quality audio conference is vital for maintaining these clients. Once you close a deal, you are constantly going to have to keep that deal alive by implementing a constant flow of communication with that organization.

It’s easy to secure sales, what’s hard is maintaining them.

Long-Distance Collaboration

The remote workforce is becoming increasingly more common. This is now possible thanks to high-speed internet, electronic mail, and, most importantly, conference calling.

It’s evident that transmitting information is extremely difficult without verbal communications, but it’s also a hassle without visual aids. With conference calls, you’re able to use video to see those speaking and even show presentations.

Better security than free conference call services

If you use the high-end conference call services from Mitel, you’ll also be granted built-in security features that are not available with free providers.

A few of these security perks are:

  • Conference call lock: enables you to prevent others from joining the call without permission.
  • Unique PIN codes: unique PIN codes to enter a call

Higher Quality Calls

If you’ve used a free conference call service, you’ve realized that a bunch of information is lost since you’re constantly disconnecting and sounding like robots no matter how fast your internet speed is.

These types of conference calls are not suitable for a professional business setting. Dropped calls waste everyone’s tight schedules, and it doesn’t look good to your customers or potential clients.

Premium conferencing can be found in with Mitel’s services, so look forward to investing in having seamless communication no matter how many people are in the conference.

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There should be no more questions as to why conference calls with the Mitel 5330e IP can upscale your business.

No other service offers such an easy but efficient experience, putting your organization at the highest level when it comes to communications, project management, and customer service.

CT Solutions also understands this, which is why it’s the service we’re proud of providing to our clients in the Miami and Atlanta areas.

At CT Solutions, we work hard every day to provide you the best quality service and communication options for your business.

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