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How CT Companies Will Help Your Business During Quarantine

The current global health crisis has altered reality for virtually everyone. That being said, working from home has become increasingly common due to social distancing. This workplace phenomenon has caused companies to improve their working strategies, some even having to start entirely from scratch.

Cloud companies are currently an essential supportive asset for virtual learning and collaboration projects at a scale never seen before. While the internet has always been present within our work and education environments, if scalable cloud services did not exist, this crisis could have been even worse than we could imagine.

Cloud technology (CT) companies have allowed organizations to manage the struggles experienced as a result of the pandemic. Technologies that are widely used have become increasingly user friendly; therefore, the incoming virtual workforce can quickly adapt.

The Demand For CT Solutions Has Become Increasingly Evident

Microsoft reports an almost 800 percent surge in cloud services as a result of the current global pandemic. Other cloud providers are also experiencing these effects, causing them to adjust to further support a surge in new clients.

Additionally, these companies are securing their platforms to ensure a 99.99 percent uptime, so projects and learning can seamlessly continue.

Secure cloud infrastructure has become essential for large companies, small businesses, governments, schools, and home users alike. That includes just about everyone. The fact that cloud communication allows you to stay connected regardless of physical distance is one essential aspect that the world is taking advantage of, but there are many more.

Below, we will review how Mitel products from CT Solutions can help your business seamlessly transition to a work-from-home structure. Then, we’ll explore additional benefits of cloud communications that can apply both during the pandemic as well as in more “normal” times.

How Mitel Products Can Keep Your Business Connected

Companies are increasingly asking their employees to work from home, and even after this global health crisis ends, some will never return to their former workplace structures.

Mitel offers a suite of tools that can help transition the office experience from the workplace to each of your employees’ homes.

Working From Home Made Easy: Mitel Phones and MiCollab

The Mitel Teleworker service on the Mitel Border Gateway enables employees to work remotely with full access to voicemail, conferencing, and other features of the office phone system. The service is a secure plug and play solution that turns any Mitel IP phone into a teleworker set.

By bringing the desktop phone home, your employees can use their internet service to keep on working as they normally would. With the Mitel Teleworker service, traditional workday activities no longer have to be tied to a specific time or location. In this new corporate scenario, employees across internal departments can now work collaboratively from the comfort and safety of their homes.

Mitel MiCollab, meanwhile, is a complete collaboration solution that can provide your employees with all the unified communications and collaboration tools they need to make their daily interactions productive and efficient. Mitel’s Freedom Architecture allows your employees to not only collaborate using PCs or laptops, but also join collaboration sessions using mobile devices and tablets.

Finally, a Mitel MiCollab softphone will have your workers enjoying the same intuitive communications management they would experience in the office, all from a remote PC or laptop with an embedded software-based IP phone. Installed as a client on supported Android™ and iOS® devices, key collaboration features are extended to mobile users of all kinds.

Staying Efficient With Mitel Dynamic Extension: Turn Any Phone Into A Virtual Extension

Mitel Dynamic Extension allows users to ring up to eight phones simultaneously anywhere in the world, as well as make any phone an extension. The only requirement is that the phone has buttons. Dynamic Extension is embedded in the premise and cloud-based products. For small and midsize businesses, Dynamic Extension makes turning any phone into a virtual extension seamless and straightforward with a minimal investment.

Dynamic Extension delivers single-number “reachability,” meaning you can have up to eight devices set up in a private ring group — a boon for increasingly mobile workforces. Furthermore, it can also turn any phone into a virtual extension — significant for any business aiming to transition their workers to home or remote offices without investing in new communications systems. Perhaps the most appealing element is you don’t need a Mitel IP phone to use Dynamic Extension, as it works on any phone.

What Are Other Benefits of Cloud Communications?

CT Solutions Provides Video Conferencing

It’s an essential tool to use for project management and education. One of a corporation’s biggest hassles and costly activities was sending representatives over by plane to sign a contract or seal a deal with a client. Now, these transactions can be done from the very comfort of our home, face to face, and securely.

Video conferences don’t only have to be used for activities involving parties directly related to your organization. It also can serve the function of enabling a work office-like setting where employees can be productive and have immediate contact with anyone present.

Rapid and Massive Scaling

A well-established cloud communications solution will allow you to make rapid adjustments to your company’s infrastructure. Whether that be providing services for new users or changing the plethora of available settings, they can be done quickly.

Conventional communication structures are a hassle that you won’t want to scale. That’s because those structures aren’t completely virtual or cloud-based; they involve physical hardware that can be very costly to remove.

Financial Ease

Cloud-based communications services are usually provided through monthly agreements. The short time between renewals opens the opportunity to scale as you’d like depending on the growth of your business.

This is a favorable aspect considering that traditional non-cloud communication services require that you pay full in advance for the infrastructure. These expenditures make it difficult to plan the outlook for your business.

Unmatched Networking Strength

One thing is true about business. If your customers cannot get in touch with you, there will be little to no sales. Whether it be a power outage or system malfunctions, you’re unable to resolve your problem until an IT team is there to save your ship.

On the other hand, cloud communication service providers are able to enforce a redundant network to prevent service interruption and keep you online.

Atlanta – CT Solutions: A Business-Saver

Now that you understand how CT Solutions can secure the productivity of your business, it’s time for you to make a choice you won’t regret.

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