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Elevating Healthcare CX through Digital Transformation with Mitel


The digital transformation journey is no longer an option for healthcare companies; it's a necessity. The expectations of patients have ushered in an era where digital innovation is the linchpin to success. The core objectives of this transformation are crystal clear: improving operational excellence, increasing staff productivity, enhancing patient experiences, and ensuring business continuity and resilience. Here's how healthcare providers can navigate this transformation to meet these expectations and overcome the challenges they face.


The Expectations of Healthcare Digital Transformation

Mitel Healthcare
Source: Mitel - Healthcare Solutions

Gartner's CIO and Technology Executive Survey underline the imperatives of this transformation. To succeed, healthcare providers must:

  1. Manage Clinical and Operational Workflows: Streamlining workflows to enhance efficiency and deliver better care.
  2. Automate Repetitive Tasks: Freeing up staff from mundane tasks to focus on patient care.
  3. Deliver Analytical Insights: Leveraging data for informed decision-making.
  4. Deliver Quality Care Onsite and Remotely (Telehealth): Meeting patients' evolving needs for both in-person and virtual care.
  5. Create Excellent Experiences Across Multiple Touchpoints: Ensuring that patients have seamless and satisfying interactions with healthcare providers.
  6. Automate Responses to Routine Inquiries/Meetings: Improving patient engagement through efficient communication.
  7. Ensure Implementation, Integration, and Interoperability with IT and Healthcare Apps: Ensuring that digital solutions seamlessly integrate into existing systems.
  8. Address Privacy and Regulatory Standards: Maintaining compliance with healthcare regulations.
  9. Support Hybrid Deployments with Survivability and Redundancy: Ensuring business continuity even in challenging situations.
The Challenges You Face

To embark on this transformative journey, healthcare providers must first identify the challenges they face. Understanding patient expectations is a pivotal starting point. Patients today expect:

  1. Safety and Freedom: They want healthcare experiences that prioritize safety while affording them the freedom to choose between in-person and virtual care.
  2. Trust: Trust is paramount in healthcare relationships. Patients rely on providers for their well-being and expect transparency and reliability.
  3. Tailored Human Interaction: Despite the rise of digital interactions, patients still seek personalized, human-centric care.
  4. Self-Service: Patients increasingly prefer self-service options for routine inquiries and tasks.
  5. Personalized Service: Each patient is unique, and they expect healthcare providers to recognize and cater to their specific needs.

The Right Personalized Experience Means Better Care

Enhancing patient care and trust hinges on delivering an exceptional patient experience (PX). Telehealth, which has witnessed a 38-fold increase in utilization since the pandemic, is at the forefront of this transformation. A staggering 88% of patients express interest in using telehealth services for non-urgent consultations. However, despite the digital transformation's progress, healthcare providers still miss between 23-34% of patient appointments. This emphasizes the need for healthcare providers to align their digital strategies with patient expectations.

Customer Service Expectation: The Importance of Human Interaction

While automation has its place, certain activities in healthcare are best handled through human interaction. These include appointment bookings, prescription renewals, and patient consultations. Fastest response and resolution typically occur through phone and live agent chat channels. Patients value avoiding extensive wait times and appreciate features like call-back functions. Additionally, providing omnichannel support, including email and chatbots, is crucial to catering to diverse patient preferences.

How We Can Help

With our expertise in communication and collaboration solutions, healthcare is a common industry we work on solutions for. Our solutions are designed to meet the privacy and regulatory standards of the healthcare industry, supporting hybrid deployments for business continuity. Whether you're looking to enhance telehealth services, optimize appointment scheduling, or improve patient engagement, our team of experts will personalize a solution for you to thrive in the digital healthcare landscape.

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