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How Using the VOIP Phone System can Simplify Your Business

In our current world, technology never ceases to amaze us. From Face ID recognition to artificial intelligence software that can predict our behavior to the expansion of our communication systems, technology is an excellent ally to any person or business.

Many businesses are investing in newer and faster ways to communicate inside and outside their office, and with the globalized world that we have, the two must-haves when it comes to business are a good internet connection and a way to speak to each other. Luckily, VoIP unites them both.

In this article, we will explore five reasons that show the power of VoIP and how your business can benefit from using this technology to improve daily activities and overall communication.

What’s VoIP?

If you have never heard of VoIP and do not know what it means, here’s the rundown. VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol (sometimes is also called IP Telephony), is a modern technology system that allows you to call over Local Area Networks (also known as LANs) or through the internet.

The way this works is not like regular phoning, where the voice is transmitted through circuit-switched networks. Instead, with VoIP, our voice (and videos, audio, etc.) gets transformed into little packets of digital information, known as data packets.

This data (or Internet Protocol) packets are transmitted through a packet-switched network, where it is encoded and dispatched as quickly and originally as possible to deliver it through the internet to any source available.

The Power of a VoIP System

VoIP has become the most sought-out option in recent years, but this technology has actually been around since the 1970s, evolving and getting perfected to the point of becoming one of the most-used tools in today’s business world.

This revolutionary and powerful technology has the potential to change the entire world’s phone systems, and major carriers here in the United States are already setting several plans to get involved with it.

Today, VoIP business systems deliver much more than just a dial tone; they seamlessly tie together all types of communication. Voice, data, video conferencing, instant messaging, wireless connections, and other tools and applications are now managed together through an incredibly sophisticated system.

5 Advantages of Using VoIP in Your Business

  1. Accessibility

    A VoIP system is very different from traditional phones. Signal and location barriers are a thing from the past; with a VoIP System, it doesn’t matter whether you are calling from home in Miami, your office in another city or calling someone on the other side of the world, as long as you have an internet connection, you will be able to communicate.

    All you need is a broadband account (that you can get when you set up the VoIP system). For those who frequently travel and are away from home or the office, VoIP works on mobile, with just with a minimal additional cost. In the end, when comparing it to a traditional phone line, VoIP is much more convenient.

  2. Cost

    The regular ongoing costs of VoIP, including setup expenses, are generally less than operating a traditional phone system. Taking into consideration that VoIP works with your internet connection, there are no additional fees. You will only deal with one bill and one account for your internet and phone.

    Above all, calls made from your computer to any other computer using the internet are free, and when you call a landline, most internet providers have fixed rates that are significantly lower than the costs of a traditional phone line.

  3. Flexibility

    Unlike what you might be thinking, a VoIP network is very flexible. With your traditional private phone network, there’s a limit on how many phone lines you can add within the network and system. With VoIP, your only limit is your bandwidth. You can connect thousands of phones if your band allows it.

  4. Voice Quality

    As long as you have a good bandwidth, reliable internet connection, and solid accessories, you should have a voice quality as good as, if not better than, the one you get with a traditional phone connection.

    Now, of course, this will depend on the internet connectivity you have. For a better connection, consider staying close to your internet source. Calls with large groups will also depend on the group’s connectivity.

  5. No Extra Fees / More Expensive Features

    We all know that traditional phone services offer different extra features, but they all come with additional prices that you have to pay. VoIP is different. It offers a wide selection of features that you already know, such as voicemail, caller ID, call forwarding, call waiting, three-way calling, and conferences at no extra fees.

    Data sharing, sending documents, and pictures are also included while you’re having a conversation. The main advantage of no extra fees involved is that it allows you and your staff (and maybe your clients too) to enter video conferences, exchange files, and keep the conversation going without any trouble.

    This all will help you achieve a more integrated and flexible schedule when it comes to meetings, allowing them to be more relaxed, functional, and faster than before.

Bottom Line – The decision

With the ongoing communication trend toward VoIP phones, more businesses are turning to IP to empower their daily business communications without paying a fortune. Here in Miami, CT Solutions provides installation and training for all business communication solutions that we offer.

Are you ready to streamline your daily business processes? Contact CT Solutions Miami today for more information or request a quote.