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No Disadvantages for Your Business Because of VoIP Technology

In our current world, technology means almost everything. From the way we interact with it, to how it changed the way we work, live, and communicate, we use technology as an ally to connect on a personal and professional level almost every day.

Now, when it comes to the use of technology in the work area, most companies are not completely aware of the benefits that come with a VoIP technology investment. Understandably, investing when your business is starting or currently experiencing a stressful situation with so much of the world in lockdown right now, may sound risky. Yet, there are far more benefits than disadvantages to this strategy. Keep reading to learn why.

VoIP Technology: The Basics

Voice over Internet Protocol (also known as VoIP for short) is a technological process that converts analog audio signals, like the ones created during a regular phone conversation, to digital information. These digital information clusters, known as data packets, are compressed and sent through the internet, allowing for more secure and fast connectivity than traditional phone systems.

VoIP technology enables businesses to make and receive phone calls, but also includes productivity-enhancing services such as video or audio conferencing, short messaging, and call forwarding (among others) through the internet. These features improve efficiency and communication both within and outside of the company while also combining data and phone expenses into one single bill, usually a better deal than a traditional phone plan.

The Sweet Deal

As we mentioned, VoIP Technology not only allows businesses to connect in a better, safer, and more practical way, but it also includes benefits that target your company’s productivity and overall success.

VoIP Technology benefits include:

  • Increased Worldwide Accessibility
  • Better Voice Quality
  • Multitasking
  • Lower Costs
  • Flexibility

Increased Worldwide Accessibility

With the increasing demand for VoIP technology, several companies have emerged to offer VoIP Services. Still, Mitel stands out as one of the best providers for any business wanting to change their communication services platform to VoIP.

Mitel’s Teleworker Services allow employees to connect and work remotely just as if they were in an office, enjoying full access to VoIP tools such as conferencing, voice mail and other features just by connecting to the internet.

Mitel Border Gateway Service enables any Mitel IP Phone to be turned into a teleworking set, bringing desktop phone features home to provide the same productive setup we worked under just a couple of months ago.

Better Voice Quality

During uncertain times like the one in which are currently living, almost every type of occupation has been affected. Recently, companies have been revisiting the previously-taboo idea of an entire workforce transitioning to work from home. Look at Twitter, for example, which recently announced it will permanently allow its employees to remain remote, even after lockdown orders are lifted.

The evolving office structure, now more than ever, emphasizes the importance of maintaining quality connection capabilities between team members no matter where they may be.

With VoIP technology, as long as you have a reliable internet connection and solid bandwidth, you are good to go. A pair of headphones or speakers could help you achieve an even better quality when talking on audio or video.


Mitel offers MiCollab, a unified collaboration and communication platform that allows all interactions to be productive and efficient when it comes to working from home. You won’t need to worry again about using different tools to complete just one goal. This solution provides all employees with a multitasking degree that won’t go to waste.

Mitel’s Freedom Architecture enables desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones to connect, allowing users to work on separate tasks while still communicating with each other from anywhere in the world.

Furthermore, Mitel’s MiCollab Software creates a perfect platform for all connected members to communicate and collaborate through voice, video, messages, audio or video conferences, and file sharing, all in one digital space.

Lower Costs

The overall costs of running VoIP Technology in your company are lower than the typical plans offered by traditional phone services. VoIP significantly reduces the costs and expenses related to communicating or working far away from home (as well as internationally), as well as including in the same bill all extra services such as voicemail, forwarding calls, and video conferences.

Your company will only need to pay one bill, as data and phone expenses are now together, eliminating additional costs. As mentioned before, during tough times like the one we are currently living, there’s no better solution to continue to operate and be successful with clients and customers while continuing to comply with national and international health regulations and measures.


Mitel Technology also provides clients with flexibility. Mitel’s softphone system allows all employees to connect to a software-based IP phone, enjoying all the tools available in a VoIP office phone on their mobile device. Installed as a client on supported Android™ and/or iOS® devices, essential collaboration features are conveniently made available on users’ mobile phones.

Meanwhile, with Mitel’s Dynamic Extension, you can connect up to eight phones concurrently from anywhere in the world. This flexible tool allows users to turn any phone into a VoIP connection as long as it has buttons and can be connected to the internet.

This system could be beneficial for almost every business, considering that it allows companies to turn an IP phone into a powerful virtual extension with minimal investment. Communication is a significant advantage when it comes to maintaining business productivity during tough situations.

Tools from innovative companies like Mitel allow any business, big or small, to evolve and connect their employees, clients, and customers seamlessly. Focusing on productivity and success in challenging times like these may seem daunting, but here at CT Solutions, we are here to help. If you are in the Miami or Atlanta area, give us a call to learn how Mitel can help your company thrive.