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The 5 Most used Features for the Mitel 5330 IP Phone

The Mitel phone console systems have been at the forefront of the communications industry for quite some time. They have been continually reinventing themselves and investing in new technology to offer its customer base the very best product on the market. This is undoubtedly the case for the Mitel 53303 IP Phone, a multi-featured enterprise communications console.

The Mitel 5330e IP Phone with MiVoice technology is a fully equipped telephone that comes with a built-in fully engageable and modifiable large backlit display. It includes over 20 customizable characters so that you can adjust your phone to best suit your needs. It also includes features such as the 12 one-touch access keys to provide you with instant access to some of the most common elements in the system.

Here are some of the technical specs that come with the Mitel 5330e IP Phone:

  • Huge touch screen graphics display, which includes auto-dimming to help keep the ambiance.
  • Wideband Audio Support (G.722) – includes a standard wideband handset standard.
  • Over twenty (20+) customizable, multi-function characters, to grant the user easier and faster access to their desired commands or applications.
  • Voicemail access – ample message notification.
  • Three preset intuitive access keys (faster access).
  • Mitel Applications support, including Mitel Intelligent Directory, Mitel unified communicator, Mitel Live content suite, and MiCollab Client. All added to create a complete user experience.
  • Twelve fixed role keys: These options are some of the most used commands, such as holding, access to settings, speakerphone, messaging, conference options, among others.
  • Dual embedded Gigabit Ethernet ports (LAN and PC).
  • Handsfree top of the line built-in speakerphone.
  • 48 fully customizable keys, to make your Mitel 5330e IP your best ally.
  • Fully immersive menu options, which not only takes you from one function to another, but also allows you to customize and move certain features around to better suit your needs. Menu option provides one-touch access to integrated applications including Calling history, information and forwarding, settings options and help options, among others.
  • HTML Desktop Toolkit included for application development. This web-based application allows for updates and maintenance for the unit.
  • 7-inch colored fully interactive touch screen.

Now that we have a clear base of what the Mitel 5330e IP phone is and what it can do, let us take a closer look at some of its best features:

Display Screen

The Mitel 5330e IP Phone has a large, fully backlit touch-sensitive display, which allows you to navigate with ease from one command or application to another. It is visible from a distance and extraordinarily intuitive and easy to use. You can customize the screen button layout to better suit your day-to-day business; in turn, you will be more efficient with your time and energy.

Ease for Internal Communications

Your entire team is going to be communicating 24/7, no matter where you are. The Mitel 5330e IP Phone allows you to work remotely and access all your phone functions from their web-based application. So, if you are in Atlanta and your colleague is in North Dakota, you can still be connected at all times through calls, video chat, conference, or other options. Not only does this mean everyone is on the same page, but it provides versatility for you and your business to grow organically without limitations.

Web-based Application

This tool provides a web-based application with direct access to do further customizations on the unit as well as run diagnostics. It is like having a virtual assistant right on your fingertips. The combination of the web-based applications with the MiCollab and MiVoice technology means you can do more in less time.

Customization / Intuitive

The Mitel IP phone series works with a desktop toolset that allows you to learn about an application, run diagnostics, update the console, as well as display information instantly to help you satisfy whichever necessity you may need. You can customize over 20 characters on each phone so that every team member can make this phone their best tool.

Productivity / Efficiency

This series of consoles will become your business’s most productive, efficient, and versatile communications ally in the market today. Because of its versatility, numerous features, and applications, it will help you save money and time, as well as enhance the user and customer service experience.

If you need a phone that can help you optimize your performance while saving money, this is the choice for you. The Mitel 5330 IP phone is an excellent option for your business, and it will help your organization be more efficient and productive.