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The Best Features of the Mitel 5340 IP for your Business

Mitel has been at the forefront of the telecommunications industry, always looking to innovate and improve on existing models. Today we will take a look at one of the best business phones on the market, the Mitel 5340 IP. The Mitel 5340 IP offers a user-friendly experience, with its single-touch access to several features and applications within the phone. The Mitel 5340 IP can be customized to meet your desired specifications to make your day more accessible and more enjoyable.

The Mitel 5340 IP is a venture-ready telecommunications machine that features countless applications and programmable keys to better suit your endeavors.

It is a diverse full-feature, top of the line applications business phone, which provides a 7-inch, 100% backlit display. Furthermore, this phone has over 48 customizable characters, numerous in-call sensitive keys, and clearer and crisper sound both ways. It is a top of the line phone with even better features and applications. The phone also comes with numerous adaptable accessories that make the phone more versatile and useful.

Its 48 fully adaptable keys are just one of the features that make this product so diverse. You can label the keys and assign specific commands such as speed dialing, feature access, and other options that make your daily activities smoother and more efficient. It also comes with gigabit ethernet support, which allows you to have a direct internet connection through your phone, making it quicker and reducing lag time. It also includes 13 customizable function characters that enable one-touch access to some of the most frequently used commands, menus, and navigation options.

The Mitel 5340 IP has the option of being paired with numerous modules or accessories that can be purchased and adapted to the console. These accessories include but are not limited to hands-free devices, conference aids, extra programmable keys, and Bluetooth adaptors, among others.

This state-of-the-art phone also supports SIP and MiNET procedures. It also has the very best wideband audio quality with DUPLEX, which provides the very best sound quality, as well as a built-in web-based browser adaptor to manage your applications with ease.

Fully Customizable

The Mitel 5340 IP includes a desktop toolset that allows you to explore an application, displaying information instantly to help you satisfy whichever necessity you may need.


This console is one of the most influential and versatile communications allies in the market today. Thanks to its various features, it will help you save money, improve your productivity, and enhance the customer service experience for both your customers and employees.

Best Two-Way Audio

Thanks to the wideband technology that the Mitel5340 IP employs, it can deliver and receive one of the best two-way audios in the market, making the sound crisp and clear. Its impeccable speakerphone feature provides crisp audio and allows the team to multitask more efficiently.

Wireless Anytime, Anywhere

In today’s busy and complicated day, businesses are always looking for a way to make their employees more productive while diminishing downtime. One of the main features that the Mitel 5340 IP offers to help with this cause is going wireless. We understand this is not groundbreaking technology, but the console allows you and your employees to truly work in a fully automated manner from a controlled distance. If your employees have free hands at all times while still being able to talk and satisfy the customer’s needs, this is unequivocally a win-win scenario. The name of the game is efficiency and customer satisfaction.

But don’t just take our word for it. The Mitel phone system is an award-winning technology that provides the very best accessories on the market to improve functionality and user experience.

Sure, making your team more mobile and more multitasking-oriented does not guarantee more productivity and more savings ($$$). The adaptability of the Mitel 5340 IP is that it is a console built for the future. The idea behind investing in technology and all the customizable features is that the phone can grow with your business. A couple of years down the line, the phone will still be efficient, modern, and, best of all, it will be fully customized to help your team and better satisfy the customer’s needs. It is an investment that will pay itself back two-fold.

Technical Features

  • Huge backlit screen with automated dimming function
  • Wideband integrated technology
  • Mitel applications and customer support
  • 13 pre-fixed keys, which include functions such as settings, mute, transfer, hold, redial, volume, as well as other features.
  • Inserted Gigabit ethernet ports
  • Six additional characters for intuitive access
  • Hands-free, top-of-the-line built-in speakerphone
  • 48 fully customizable keys, to make your Mitel 5340 IP your best ally
  • Fully immersive menu options, which not only takes you from one function to another but also allows you to customize and move certain features around to suit your needs better
  • A web-based application to manage and customize your console faster
  • 7-inch, colored, fully interactive touch screen

If you are looking for a simple yet innovative solution to improve your overall operations and customer service experience, then the Mitel 5340 IP might be the perfect choice for your business. Keep in mind that this console will improve and enhance your internal team communications; it is the ideal accountability tool.