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The top 5 Questions to Ask Yourself when Evaluating a Cloud Business Phone Provider

All right, so maybe you’ve done some extensive research and are well aware of the considerable impact having your business on the cloud can bring to your organization.

It seems to be the most intelligent way to move forward. All businesses are doing it, and they are raging about all the benefits it has brought them.

Gartner reports that by the end of 2019, the cloud support system will grow by over 17%.

Not only are companies saving money, but it has also increasingly become simpler to expand their business. The fact that you can have employees working from anywhere has given globalization a whole new meaning.

One of the biggest perks, although less mentioned, is reducing costs associated with maintenance, support, and IT experts.

Once you have made your decision and are transparent about where you stand, you can begin to evaluate the diverse options you have on the table.

When choosing your cloud business phone service provider, one of the essential elements to take into account is the relationship you have with them. For example, how well are they willing to get to know and understand your business needs?

Before meeting with a potential provider, honestly evaluate your goals and what you would like to get out of this kind of service. That way, you’ll be able to make a decision that best fits your specific business’ needs.

Here are the top 5 questions to ask yourself when evaluating your cloud business provider:

1. Know your WHY.

With so many goals in mind when launching a business, understanding the reasons you want to move to the cloud will make life a lot simpler.

  • How would the cloud help my business grow?
  • Why will this improve MY internal communication?
  • How will my customers benefit from us moving to the cloud?
  • What resources am I willing to use to move to the cloud. Am I willing to spend my time and money on this new way of working?

2. What are their views on security?

Security is and should be one of the decisive elements to take into account when choosing a provider.

It is essential that you secure the data managed within your headquarters. Not only is the data that you control crucial, but any client information must also be stored following the highest security standards, especially when sharing their identification or credit card information.

Be open about asking what security measures the provider can not only offer but also how they can be customized to your industry.

Ask about firewalls, anti-viruses, the types of data encryption, what kind of security audits can be used, and multi-step verification. Also inquire about who can have access to the database you manage.

Background checks can be done on any employee to reassure that there are no cybercriminals or anyone that can present a risk.

Understand the legality of your business, and be sure your cloud business phone provider is also in the loop.

If, for example, you are in the healthcare industry, there are many legal issues you must take into account regarding patient privacy and security.

3. Where are your providers’ headquarters, and how are THEY controlling safety?

Your cloud business providers’ location is essential, and the way THEY are keeping their data stored is even more critical.

Online security needs to be continually measured to avoid hackers and cybercriminals. It is unfortunate but true.

Why does location matter?

Natural disasters are a real possibility; whether it is a tornado or an unwanted fire, it’s in your interest to know what type of measures and precautions are taken in case an event of this sort happens.

The SSAE-16 stands for the Standards for Attestation Engagements; these are indicators that the vendor should mark off that indicate they can withstand a natural disaster.

4. In the unwanted possibility of losing or deleting data, what happens next?

Although the chances of this happening are quite slim, it’s a question most people don’t ask, but should.

What provisions are taken in the service to address potentially lost data? In what ways will the cloud business provider respond to compensate for any loss?

Ask if they have had any previous experience with other clients and investigate how they managed that situation.

5. How do they handle customer service? 

Even though this is a question you can use ANY provider, it is especially important to ask your cloud service provider. Ask how accessible they are and how quickly they can respond to any inquiries, as well as what type of person will be helping you in the case of an emergency.

You may have some small easy-to-fix problems that can be attended by anyone, but what if your system crashes? What if you lose your data? Who will be there to help?

Choosing to move to the cloud is not easy, but once you have the information at your hands, you will have the confidence to switch to a better, more scalable method to manage your entire business.

Here at CT Solutions, we take our clients and services very seriously, and we understand what the industry needs.

We are located in the Atlanta area and can help your business today!