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Times During COVID-19: The Importance of Cloud Communication Platforms for your business

Small businesses thrive in today’s market by being able to communicate efficiently and promptly with their customers. Given the pandemic (COVID-19) that we are going through at this moment, the world is at a standstill, and most businesses on a worldwide scale have either closed down, drastically downsized, or are surviving by working remotely.

Cloud communication is a fantastic and continually advancing technology that has gone through upgrade after upgrade after upgrade. It seems like it always gets better and easier to use with time. Before we keep going, let’s list the top 3 benefits from using cloud communication:



This is the number one benefit to cloud communications: imagine having the ability to work wherever whenever, without missing a beat. Being mobile means being ready to handle any situation while on the road (outside the office). With cloud services, you have the benefit of accessing all your files remotely, with the only requirement being that you have a steady internet connection.

Best Team Available:

As a business owner, you will have the ability to hire your team as you see fit, without worrying about where each team member lives. Look for the right personality that will build team chemistry and find that one person that can grow with the business.

Previously, companies were restrained from hiring people outside of a 50-mile radius, give or take. Now, you can hire someone from across the globe and not miss a beat. Be it via internet calling (VoIP) or through video calling, remain connected with your team at all times.

Cost Decrease:

Using mobile and remote tools such as cloud services and VoIP allows your business to reduce its overhead and direct costs. In some cases, many companies realize that they can work at full capacity while remote. This observation means that if you use the right tools, the benefits, both directly and indirectly, could be substantial.

Additionally, studies have been conducted which continuously show that when working remotely, employees are more efficient, take fewer vacation days, are happier with their work, and are less prone to seek employment elsewhere. Evidently, in the eyes of most people, the ability to work remotely is a game-changer.

Mitel and Cloud Communication


A complete device available for any sized business that combines offline, cloud, and remote tools are the Mitel IP phones. At Mitel, they have combined their fantastic eye for detail with the remarkable world of cloud services and VoIP services. The result is an easy to use software that is fully customizable to meet your every need.

Imagine being able to work remotely and having all the information needed at your fingertip; now imagine having all that plus a web-based app designed to enhance every interaction you have. Not only will you benefit, but your customers will receive a better service, and your efficiency will improve.

Mitel communications have been around for a long time, and have already embedded themselves as one of the premier communication companies worldwide. Take your time and learn how to use your Mitel console effectively, and you will have the best weapon available to you 24/7.

Miami is a diverse, beautiful city, with a lot continually going on: don’t let external conditions limit how you can run your business. The time is now to invest and migrate to cloud communications, for in the long haul, it will save you money, improve your customer service, and could be the technology you need to charge into the future.