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Top 5 Business Benefits to UCaaS

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Classically, telephones and the internet have both been the most revolutionary technologies to mankind. Although as the internet continues to evolve, telephone systems have become more and more obsolete. Online web conferences, chatbots, and social media direct messages are just a few examples of how efficient communication takes place outside of a phone line. These are areas where Unified Communications as a Service has become a game changer for many businesses as the world buries the motivation to waste time leaving voicemails and dialing phone numbers.

So why is UCaaS so evolutionary?


Here are the top 5 reasons why all businesses need UCaaS to continue to grow

1. Increased Team Productivity


Unified communications allows employees to have a presence without directly contacting each other during the work day. This means that less time is spent having to pause tasks to message a co-worker and have to wait for them to get back to you. From retrieving files to setting up meetings, to wondering whether your boss is on their lunch break, UCaas cuts down the wait time and increases your workflow efficiency. 

2. Flexible Collaboration

pexels-anna-shvets-4226140Since Covid began in 2020, flexible collaboration has been a necessary element for working environments that began to work 100% remotely and hire employees across the country from their headquarters. With this in mind, many employees were forced to adapt to unusual hours and workdays that don’t necessarily line up with their co-workers. This problem was quickly improved by new unified communication systems like company chat rooms, file sharing apps, and video services, which allow team members in any time zone to collaborate on the same projects in real-time (or their own time).

3. Customizable Operations

pexels-pixabay-270700By combining platforms into one space, companies are able to utilize various operating features combined with one another to create a one-stop system. In addition to the primary characteristic of UCaaS being seamless integration among a unified platform, AI has recently introduced even further seamless customization. Systems like chatbots for customer service on a website or analyzing data in real-time are one way that AI has changed the UCaaS landscape for stronger customization.

4. Decreased Cost


It may seem obvious but operating a UCaaS system is significantly cheaper than paying for multiple services. This is the case for two reasons: improved employee workflow and lower price for a unified system. Atlanta Tech’s cost-benefit analysis between a company’s typical premises-based communications system and UCaaS proved that old-school telecommunications limit adaptability and functionality processes. With that said, those processes may seem cheaper up front but are actually detrimental to your business in the long-term.

5. Simplified Organization


UCaaS helps IT departments have more control over operations and management by administering applications in a single environment. Not only does this strengthen the security of a company’s data but it allows network usage to be tweaked in order to achieve optimal workflow for its employees. More specifically, the simplification to a unified system removes the confusion of trying to connect various platforms by customizing one.

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