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Transferring Calls & Other Essential Communication Functions of the Mitel 5330E IP Phone

The Mitel 5330e IP phone is the perfect tool for a business to communicate effectively. A city so dynamic and full of life, where companies are thriving left and right, it is no wonder that one of the main focuses for Mitel is the Atlanta area. After all, Mitel is the leader in the communications market, so it seems like a natural fit for Mitel to be added to any business in the nation.

The Mitel phones come equipped with numerous applications and features. They have classic features such as call waiting, hold, volume controls, speakerphone, and other essential functions. The consoles are compatible with the Mitel MiCollab web-based application, which allows you to dive deeper into the phone’s wonders.

Two of the most overlooked functions on the Mitel 5330e IP phone are the call transfer and the conference features. Sure, they sound pretty ordinary, but let’s take a more in-depth look into what they are and why the Mitel 5330e IP phone offers the best choice for both features.

Call Transferring

A call transfer is a primary phone function, which allows the user to pass on a call to another user or another console. Transfer calls can either be announced or done without announcing. One of the benefits of the console is that you can bypass the “hold” option, so the phone understands if you want to go directly into transferring. It allows for multiple transfers at one time. This versatility feature will result in a more efficient and cost-effective business.

If the transfer is unannounced, then the call is transferred without prior knowledge. Unlike most consoles on the market, the Mitel 5330e IP phone returns the request to the initial user if the transfer is not picked up. This provides your business with the opportunity to serve the customer better and not leave them up in the air.

With the Mitel phones, you can pre-label the transfer to notify the other party of the importance of the call, as if it were “flags” on the emails. It allows your team to be better communicated and even more efficient.

Conference Calls

A conference call is when two or more parties are connected in the same phone call. This allows your business to set up one call with multiple users to discuss any subject at hand, and even meetings can now be held remotely. But a conference call does not only work with internal users. Using the Mitel 5330e IP phone, you can connect customers with your team and any other individual.

Another advantage of making conference calls with the Mitel phone consoles is that you can mute users, so if there is a meeting, you may mute everyone except the presenter. It makes for smoother conversations and less wasted time.

Nowadays, businesses are using conference calls daily, as they are a tool for both internal and external users. You are connected to your team and your customers daily, so it does not matter where you are. The ability to have a meeting on the go is precious for today’s’ businesses; it provides flexibility, plus it shows your team and customers that no matter where you are, you are willing to go to bat for them.

One of the growing uses for the conference function is the ability to train new employees, producing less wasted time and money. It certainly helps with the recruiting process, and even with big company meetings, where anyone can join from anywhere.

The Mitel 5330e IP phone does so much more than your average phone, and it is even considered a compliment accessory to any business. Long gone are the days where a phone was used to make and pick up calls. Now, a phone can be connected to all your systems and help you better manage your time and team. All of a sudden, options like working remotely are not only more attractive but more efficient. The more time and energy you save while using the Mitel phone systems, the more savings will eventually show up on the bottom line.