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What is a Mitel Softphone?

A softphone is a computer application that functions as a phone without the use of the handset. This software allows you to use the same features as a landline phone, all from the comfort of your computer screen.

It can either run as a downloadable app for your PC or mobile device or be opened through a web browser — removing the need for a desk phone.

Softphones are great tools for business travelers who need consistent access to communication devices for their organization or clients. For busy people always on the move, these services can be used anywhere as long as they have their laptop, tablet, or any other portable device to keep things moving.

As a result, desktop softphone applications populate the workplace more than ever. Softphones decrease costs from licensing fees, easily aid users in contacting databases, and quickly integrate with other applications. These ideal digital assistants bring increased efficiency to busy business people daily.

Furthermore, softphone applications are responsible for optimizing the processes of various organizations and workplaces. Their mobility, scalability, video and messaging, contact importation, presence, SMS, and other great communication capacities solidify their role as the ultimate business tool.

Mobility and Scalability

A softphone allows you to make and receive phone calls from any computer with an internet connection. Organizations have consequently become a lot more mobile, given that their employees can stay connected outside of office walls. Whether in a café or an airport, they’ll be able to carry out their tasks.

Softphones allow business operations to continue anywhere and at anytime. A business executive can seamlessly join a conference call, forward calls to a specific department, and check if an employee is at the workplace or on their break, all while waiting in the lobby for their dentist appointment.

With mobility comes scalability. Since today’s workforce isn’t restricted to inside an office’s walls, you’re able to expand your business by delegating tasks to employees working from their homes or a coffee shop. The more you can reach, the bigger your business, and the better the output.

Import Contacts

Softphone applications can pull contacts in order to organize your organization’s client database. Whether it be an email account, .csv file, or phone contact information, softphones can retrieve it.

Importing data saves time for employees since it enables them to avoid the hassle of manually entering the data. Softphone applications also automatically provide the whole organization directory, allowing employees to edit lists with ease when necessary.


It’s important to highlight that contact integration is not only useful for coworkers; it’s excellent for organizing customer information as well. You can import various digital directories, and that way, you’ll have your internal and external contacts on one interface.

Video and Messaging

Video and messaging features are largely why softphones have completely trumped traditional desktop phones. Video capacities allow you to actively participate in in-person conferences from absolutely anywhere if you have an internet connection, making project discussions a breeze.

When an organization groups useful features such as messaging, voice, and video conferencing, the workforce can continuously stay in communication with each other on a single platform, rather than depending on a bunch of third party applications.

Employees can work closely together while not even being in the same geographical location, reducing the hassle to structure project tasks, conferences, and brainstorming sessions.

Working Presence

Working presence is a great way to scale team efficiency. Presence in this context means the status of your contacts: online, offline, away, etc.


This real-time visibility saves you a lot of time figuring out who needs to be contacted in specific moments, decreasing the amount of missed calls. Knowing who’s available also makes call transferring easier since you’ll be able to delegate tasks without running any risks.

Presence features also help receptionists. If they see that their manager has their status set to “do not disturb,” they’ll tell callers to leave a message rather than transferring them over to an empty line.

Short Message Service

Everyone in business sends and receives text messages. It’s an essential feature for quick and efficient communication. It’s also been revealed that marketing-related text messages have a high response rate, while emails have a far lower one.

This marketing reality has led Short Message Service (SMS) to be a key factor when committing projects and securing clients. Incorporating text messages into any Customer Relation Management or sales operation is vital to leading your organization to success.

Softphones allow employees to send text messages to any client from the comfort of their desktop. An increased flow of communication opens up a new door for customers to get in constant touch with the organization.

Why Choose Mitel?

As a leader in telecommunication, Mitel offers your organization the best services to upscale its productivity and be at the edge of the competition. It is the global market leader thanks to its unmatched quality and consistent track record delivering results.

When looking for a softphone service provider, make sure you pick Mitel.

You can find it in the Atlanta area near you.