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Why Businesses Shouldn’t Be Using Traditional Telephones

As the world adapts to working remotely and spending more time at home, a similar transformation is happening in the communications world as well. Here, traditional telephones are being replaced by more advanced remote services, like VoIP and cloud communications.

Mitel Network Communications offers a series of IP phones, which at plain sight, might look like the traditional telephones that we are used to seeing in businesses all around. But in reality, these telephones are actually consoles with numerous applications and extensions that can be added and used to make the tool the ultimate work accessory.

Businesses that do not adapt to the times and continue using traditional phone systems will be replaced by newer, tech-savvy companies and are investing smarter. It is like if you were using a conventional cell phone instead of a smartphone — sure you can make calls and send messages, but you are leaving so much on the table.

By using cloud communication technology, you open up a new world of constant communication and improved services across the board. Let us take a look at some of the benefits directly associated with switching from traditional telephones to a smart console like the Mitel IP consoles.

One of the most prominent and essential benefits is the reduction in costs. With traditional telephone systems, you need monthly phone bills, plus installation of the landlines. When you make the switch, you can eliminate both those costs permanently. All you need to start functioning with a Mitel IP phone console is a steady internet connection, which you probably already have and pay for. This one benefit will have an immediate influence on your bottom line.

Another direct benefit is the reduction of overhead costs. Following the same premise we stated before, if you start using web-based Mitel IP phones, you can work remotely. You will have access to your databases, files, and every communications tool available on the go. The user will have complete remote access from any smartphone, tablet, laptop, or Mitel IP console. If you go remote, then the need for most office space (in specific industries) will either be reduced substantially or eliminated altogether.

Some of the other benefits include flexibility and mobility. Having remote access means you can work on the road or work from home and never miss a beat. It gives the user the flexibility to organize their workday how they see fit. Studies have proven that when a person has the option to organize their day to fit their own needs better, they are increasingly more productive, efficient, and happy with their job.

Atlanta is no exception to the lockdowns impacting the whole world, so we are learning the importance of embracing our homes and spending time with our loved ones. These are added values that enhance our everyday lives, so when we combine this same behavior and include the ability to work at the same time, it makes remote work seem less daunting.

Now let’s take that same premise even further; flexibility allows you to travel as you see fit. As long as you have a steady internet connection, you will be connected to your team and promptly answer your customers. As a business, your level of service and commitment will improve, which could lead to new business.

There is NO advantage to using traditional telephones over IP phone consoles and cloud communication services. We either adapt, or we will not survive as a business. This will be the difference between coming out of these stay-at-home orders operating smoothly or having to close down shop.

Society has been limited to social distancing and confinement, but that doesn’t mean the business that we have developed over time has to disappear. We can use this to evolve as a company and provide a better service for our customers.

But even more importantly, this will provide a more flexible and accessible situation for your workforce. If your core team is happy and productive, you can successfully battle any external circumstances thrown your way.

In these trying times, businesses should rely on their most valuable asset to help them come out lively, and that asset is its workers. The top companies provide them with the best opportunity to be efficient and productive.

Atlanta is already a very competitive market that has been continuously growing. As a business, you need to look for any advantage to level the playing field with other companies and even with the big corporations.

Mitel Communications Networks offers products and services that allow your business to compete and stay relevant during these trying times. If you’re interested in trying these tools out in either the Atlanta or Miami markets, contact CT Solutions to get started today.